Non-fiction book


  • Poem “A Daughter’s Lullaby” included in Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology, (Mansfield Press October 2018), edited by Priscila Uppal and Meaghan Strimas, October 2018
  • “Heron Song”, “This Electric Night (or can this be winter?)” and “The Runaway” included in a 2016 anthology (artArctica 2016, Helsinki, Finland) edited by Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis
  • Short story “The End of an Uncertain Grace” included in Urban Coyote: New Territory (Lost Moose / Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC, September 2003), edited by Michele Genest, Dianne Homan and Jenny Charchun

Non fiction articles


  • “Heartbreaking small town country song rules”, Contemporary Verse 2  lyric issue Winter 2020 Vol. 43 No. 3
  • “Okanagan”, Pushing Out the Boat, Spring 2017


  • (In development) Gutleuthof: House of the Good, TV series, co-written with Tonya Mallet, 3D Evolution Productions
  • (In development) The Perfect Family, full-length feature film co-written with K.G. Green, 3D Evolution Productions