Publishing credits


Non fiction articles


  • “A Daughter’s Lullaby”,  Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology, edited by Priscila Uppal and Meaghan Strimas, October 2018
  • “Okanagan”, Pushing Out the Boat, Spring 2017
  • “Heron Song”, “This Electric Night (or can this be winter?)”, “The Runaway” in the poem:a anthology published September 2016
  • A Daughter’s Lullaby”, The Puritan Magazine, Issue 32: Winter 2016
  • “Rootcrop Haiku I (note to self)” and “Rootcrop Haiku II (he was a determined gardener)” published in the Big Lit Festival, Summer 2014
  • Diagnosis: Crippled by Cliché”, League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog, April 3, 2013
  • “At the Party”, Cirque magazine, Winter 2012 Issue
  • “Gestation”; “Searching for a Dead Sister in the Red River”, Own 2007 Issue 30
  • A Portrait: Janette”; “Henrile survivant”, Event 2004
  • Two poems, City of Whitehorse Poetry in Motion 2003
  • “Observations II”; “Observations IV”, The Optimist, Spring 2003
  • “Blue Grouse”; “The Patriarch”, Out of Service magazine, Spring 2001
  • “Northern Vortex”, The Inner Harbour Review, 2000

Short fiction

  • “Three Lessons”, The New Quarterly, Spring 2011
  • “The Fighter”, The Northern Review, Fall 2009
  • “Gentleman Gardener’s….”, Urban Coyote: New Territory (Anthology, 2003)
  • “Fattening the Rabbit”, Out of Service, Vol 1 Issue 1
  • “Mouthful O’ Clover”, The New Quarterly, Fall 1996


  • (In development) CONflict, TV series, co-written with Tonya Mallet, based on a book by Jörgen Handsen-Ellenrieder, 3D Evolution Productions
  • (In development) Gutleuthof: House of the Good, TV series, co-written with Tonya Mallet, 3D Evolution Productions
  • (In development) The Perfect Family, full-length feature film co-written with K.G. Green, 3D Evolution Productions