Thanks Access Copyright

Thanks to the Access Copyright Foundation Marian Hebb Research Grant, I was able to travel to Nevada, USA, to meet in person with Helen Foster. I interviewed her over a few days. During this time, she shared her personal archive which included a plethora of photographs (which I scanned) from her childhood all the way to her time working in Alaska.


Helen Foster standing on fresh lava, Oshima, Japan, 1951


Heading to Nevada

Great news! I’ve received funding from Access Copyright through the Marian Hebb Research Grant to support further research for the biography of Helen Foster, American geologist and unstoppable nonagenarian. I’ve been conducting interviews with Helen for the last few months via Skype and thanks to this funding, I’ll be able to travel to Nevada to interview her. It will be wonderful to meet Helen in person and go over her personal archive. This is a fantastic opportunity.